A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

Albert Einstein

Among many Albert Einstein quotes made famous by, probably, one of the greatest thinkers in modern history, this particular one is perhaps the most referenced. These prominent words of wisdom no doubt aptly speaks of the work ethic of the famous scientist.

Though Einstein may have discovered one of the most revolutionary scientific theories in the 21st century, it is a known fact that prior to this; he made many mistakes in the course of developing his groundbreaking work. Without these risks he may have not had developed the General Theory of Relativity. Taken on this context, one of the greatest Albert Einstein quotes, which are the focus of this article, simply means that making mistakes is a given fact for those who wish to explore new things.

By learning from past mistakes, great thinkers such as Einstein refine their theories until they come up with a much better one. This is the true significance of committing mistakes to create something new. It can be argued that there are other better Albert Einstein quotes but this one definitely sums up the essence of scientific discovery. So the next time you become scared of trying something new, just think of this Einstein quote.

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